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Because childhood should be simple ...

Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey

Giving feels good


To fulfill our promise and benefit our community, Cook Children’s completed the Community-wide Children’s Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS).

The need for CCHAPS was due to the lack of information on the developmental, mental and physical health needs of children in our region. CCHAPS will help to fully understand the health status of children ages 0-14 in Cook Children's six-county service region. Then those results can be used to improve the health and well-being of those children. CCHAPS is led by the Cook Children’s System Planning and Community Health Outreach departments together with Cook Children’s Information Services and Corporate and Community Affairs.

To learn more about CCHAPS, log on to the CCHAPS Web site.

Community benefit

Because the data was gathered to benefit our community, Cook Children’s wants to make sure that the data and accompanying resources are available for everyone to use. With that in mind, Cook Children’s commits to:
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