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Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners

At Cook Children's, we believe in a family-centered approach to healthcare. We know that when a child is sick or injured, it affects the whole family. Because families play an important role in a child's recovery and healing, we partner with families to provide the best care possible for kids.

Our Parents as Partners program is a family-centered care initiative, designed to work with families who are being cared for at Cook Children's. This program provides support to patients and families and strives to improve the safety and quality of the care provided. When it comes to the family experience, our parent advisors are the experts on the health care experience. Parent advisors provide us with the parents' perspective, sharing their experiences with us and offering suggestions to ensure that our communications and interactions with our families and patients are always improving.

Helping Cook Children's provide the best family-centered care

Parents as PartnersAs the parent of a child with special medical needs, you're uniquely qualified to offer doctors, caregivers, administrators, program planners and policy makers information on what works for you and your family—and what doesn't. Parents who choose to get involved and "give back" say that their input has enormous benefits for themselves, doctors and caregivers, programs and especially the kids.

There are several ways to get involved as a parent advisor:

Become a parent advisor

As parent advisor you can help parents new to Cook Children's learn to navigate the medical center, find resources and information regarding their child's condition and learn to advocate for their child. You can also offer support and a much needed shoulder to cry on—and even friendship, understanding and laughter.

Joining is easy:

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