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Camp Broncho

Camp BronchoOn August 2-7, your child can breathe easier this summer at Camp Broncho of North Texas, a camp for children with asthma.

Camp Broncho will provide children with asthma, who for medical reasons may be unable to attend other summer camps, the opportunity to experience camp in a medically safe and educationally supportive environment.

About Camp Broncho

Camp staffing

Camp Broncho of North Texas is held at Camp John Marc, 70 miles southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth near Meridian, Texas. Three trained adults, one of whom is a medical specialist (nurse or respiratory therapist), are assigned to each cabin. Background checks are conducted on all camp volunteers. Camper cabins are air-conditioned, each having a complete bathroom and twin size single beds.

Medical care and medications

A medical team consisting of volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and respiratory therapists provide medical supervision 24 hours a day. The dispensing of medicine is very closely monitored as prescribed by your child's physician. Children are required to bring their own medications to camp.

Camper selection

What do we do at camp?

Campers participate in fun activities such as:

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