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Camp Neuron

Camp NeuronCamp Neuron® offers young people living with epilepsy the opportunity to experience the fun of summer camp in a safe environment, while still getting the medical attention they need.

This is an amazing camp where children and teens with epilepsy can feel accepted, understood and unafraid. Best of all, they get to explore nature, learn new skills, try new activities and make new friends.

Camp Neuron objectives

Camp Neuron was founded by the Epilepsy Foundation to provide a safe and comfortable environment where young people with epilepsy, ages 8-14, have the chance to:

Camp staffing

Camp Neuron is staffed by medical professionals and specially trained volunteer counselors. The Medical staff are employees of Cook Children's and include pediatric neurologists and registered nurses.

Medical care and medications

A medical team consisting of volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses provide medical supervision 24 hours a day. The dispensing of medicine is very closely monitored as prescribed by your child’s physician. Children are required to bring their own medications to camp.

Camper selection

Children and teens, ages 8-14 years with epilepsy. Campers are accepted once the full application has been reviewed. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

What do we do at camp?

Camp NeuronCampers participate in fun activities such as:

Camp Neuron info and application – call 888-548-9716 or email

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