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Because childhood should be simple ...

Make sure your health insurance covers
Cook Children's

Knowing that every child’s life is sacred, it is the promise of Cook Children’s to improve the health of every child in our region, through the prevention and treatment of illness, disease and injury.

You can help us fulfill our promise to your child, and gain access to the excellent pediatric care of Cook Children's, by making sure your health insurance covers our services and facilities.

How do you ensure you have the coverage you need for your child? A few helpful tips include...

1. Review your current health insurance plan to ensure that Cook Children’s facilities and physicians are covered. Check to see if your preferred pediatrician is covered by the plan. If you don’t have a pediatrician, look for one in your plan that is a Cook Children’s-affiliated doctor.

It is vital to have a primary care pediatric doctor who can provide a true medical home for your child for years to come. With this in place, your child will receive quality, preventive care and treatment, which leads to better overall health and less need for emergency care.

2. Let your employer know how valuable coverage of Cook Children’s services is to your family. Having a children’s health care facility that was named to U.S.News and World Report’s 2011 list of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals right here in Fort Worth provides a huge benefit to your child and children across the region. Every regional employer should have complete insurance covering Cook Children’s care for their employees’ children. Please help us make this a reality and ask for your coverage of Cook Children’s to never lapse, or for it to be added if it is not currently in place.

3. If you are switching managed care plans and have a choice on which plan you use, you should ask important questions:

  1. Ask your current physician if he/she is on the plan. Also, ask them if they are pleased with the benefits and offerings of the plan.
  2. Ask your current physician if they plan on leaving the plan anytime soon, to ensure continuous coverage for your child.
  3. Ask the insurance plan representative or your employer if Cook Children’s is covered, as well your current Cook Children’s primary care doctor.
  4. Ask the insurance plan representative if your coverage will continue for services that cover your child’s pre-existing conditions, such as asthma. Will the plan cover specialists that your child is already seeing for this condition?

4. A recent five-county consumer survey sites that the primary reason most parents choose a pediatrician is by a recommendation from friends or family. Friends and family can also provide a helpful perspective on insurance coverage. When choosing a health plan to cover pediatric services, consider asking your friends the following questions:

  1. What insurance plan are you with? What factors went into choosing your plan?
  2. Has the coverage of the plan been good for the needs of your child? If not, what is missing?
  3. Have you been denied special care or services that were ordered by your pediatrician?
  4. Has the plan done a good job of reimbursing claims in a timely manner?
  5. To help me make a more informed decision, can I compare the benefits of my plan with yours?

5. Tell your employer about the benefits of quality, preventive care for employees' children. Cook Children’s care, covered by company insurance plans, can benefit both employers and employees.

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