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Volunteer Spotlight

Thank you for this past year of dedicated volunteer service. Please click on the following link to complete your annual review paperwork. We look forward to having you with us during the coming year.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award

Volunteers are an important part of the healing that happens at Cook Children's. The Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award shows our volunteers just how much they mean to our employees, patients and families. We invite you to show a volunteer how much he/she means to you by nominating him/her using the form below.

2014 award winners

Ashley Brewer Beatriz Rodriguez Dayle Lowry and Jen Robbins
Erikah Daley Geneve Barse J.J. Jones
Laura Bird Lucy Biggs Mary Gravel
Michael Jones Molly Elam Nathien Fernandez
Sue Huston Sydney Cox

2013 award winners

Cathie Mullenhoff Christy Morehead Dayle Lowry
Kaylon Davis Laura Adams Laura Dinger
Leslie Johnson Luke Hansen Melinda Bridges
Michelle Dill Norma Loughridge Phil Southall
Sharron Schmitt Whitney Bennett

2012 award winners

Briggs Baker Charles Chick Cindi Coker
Donna Steel Emily Eskins Erroll and Eleanor Schmeits
Glena Nieswiadomy Joni Carroll Karla Gustoff
Kathy Valentine Luke Campbell Mary Ann Ricca
Michelle Reynolds Patsy Van Meter Trina Burks

2011 award winners

Audra Trussell
Audra Trussell Brandon Hoff Elaine Davis
Emily Mather Eugene Vanscoy Francee Tyler
Joann Boston Linda Porter Suzanne Marx
Suzanne Seider Veronica Kubiak Veronica Kubiak
Wendy Tipps  

2010 award winners

Alyce Anderson Art Jiminez Angie Martin
Brett Bush Carolyn Hardgrove Georgann Woodfin
Caroline Skinner Jan Harmon Jo Whitfield
Michael Abasi Mary Shah Pat Coyle
Sydney Jones Sandra Tilley Terry Shaw
Rocket Fuel