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Asthma information for you

Alexis's Asthma

Asthma doesn't stop 12-year-old Alexis from doing the things she loves. The key? Listening to her doctor and taking her medicines. Here, she talks about how she balances asthma care with home life, school, and swimming.
>> Watch Alexis's video.

Asthma Story: Alexis

Trending Viruses

Viruses that cause the common cold and flu are the ones that also are found to cause the narrowing of the airways and asthma. It's important for asthma patients to keep up with the viruses that cause viral-induced asthma symptoms.
>> Latest numbers on viral-activity

Asthma Story: Alexis

Asthma Fighter

Jordan Harris was diagnosed with asthma shortly after birth. Jordan's mother hoped that her little girl would outgrow it with time. But Jordan's condition reached the point where she needed breathing treatment every two hours, asthma medication and shots.
>> Read Jordan's story.

Jordan's Battle

One thing you can do

What one thing can you do to improve children's health tomorrow? Share your idea and help us tackle asthma across our communities.
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One thing

Asthma 101

One of the most common diseases physicians refer to a pulmonologist is asthma. Asthma affects nearly 19 percent of children and is the leading cause of missed school days, accounting for 7.5 million days missed yearly.
>> Download Asthma 101 (PDF).

Asthma 101

Asthma Tips

Parents play a vital role in helping to control their child's asthma. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.
>> Asthma action plan.

Tips to Control Asthma
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Be proactive!

Ask our asthma specialists! You can also request an information packet from our librarians, or post your question to our community. Cook Children's is here to help children successfully manage their asthma.

Through coalitions and partnerships we can make our region one of the healthiest places to raise children in the coming decade. Tackling asthma can only become a reality if we all work together to set and achieve realistic goals.

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