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Because childhood should be simple ...

Safety and prevention center

Make safe choices for your family.

Being a parent is tough. We want you to know that you are not alone. We've compiled tips, resources and practical advice on a variety of safety and prevention topics designed to help you raise a safe and healthy family.

 safetySafety in and around cars

Cars can pose a lot of danger to children if we’re not careful. Read more about what those are and how to keep your children safe.

Water safetyDrowning

Drowning is a quick and silent killer. Make sure you have the proper layers of protection to keep your children safe.

Safe infant sleepSafe infant

Follow these steps to make sure your baby is sleeping safely.

Poison preventionPoison

Children have a habit of getting into everything, especially the things they are not supposed to. Help protect your child from accidental poisoning with these safety tips.

Vaccine safetyVaccines and immunizations

Immunizations are the safest, easiest ways to protect your kids from unnecessary and sometimes fatal, childhood diseases. Learn why it’s wise to immunize.

Bicycle safetyChild maltreatment prevention

Child maltreatment can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss but you need to be aware of the potential signs and ways to prevent abuse before it happens.

Human traffickingHuman

The national human trafficking hotline receives more calls from Texas than any other state and much of the trafficking happens right here in our community. Learn more about this issue.

Bicycle safetyBicycle

Wearing a helmet is the safest way to prevent your child from injury. Learn about other ways to protect them while riding their bikes.

Cell phone safetyCell phone

It’s a mobile world and our children are more connected than ever. But who are they connected to and how do we keep them safe? Let us give you some tips.

TV and furniture tip-oversTV and furniture tip-overs

Heavy furniture and appliances can create unnecessary risks for children. Follow these steps to protect your children.

Oral healthOral

A child’s oral health is directly related to their overall health. Learn how to keep their mouth healthy.

Holday  safetyHoliday

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a trip to the Emergency Room. Learn how to make sure your holidays are drama free, or at least free from injuries.


Safe Kids Tarrant County

Celebrating 20 years of safety! Safe Kids Tarrant County (SKTC) is a local coalition led by Cook Children's Community Health Outreach department and is a nationally recognized community partnership. SKTC is dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injury which is the number one killer of children ages 14 and under.

Formed in 1992, with Cook Children's as its lead organization, Safe Kids Tarrant County is part of Safe Kids Worldwide, the first and only national nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the prevention of accidental injuries to children.

Current focus areas:
Based on local/regional data, community needs assessments and SKTC's ability to make a positive impact, current focus areas are:

Peaks and Ladders

Partnering for the safety of local kids. In 2014, Peaks and Ladders was formed as a collaboration between Cook Children’s, Fort Worth Fire Department and Fort Worth Firefighter Charities. Together, this group supports our patients and strives to educate our community on preventable childhood injuries and deaths by providing injury prevention education and equipment.

In just its second year, Peaks and Ladders received a 2015 J.C. Montgomery Child Safety Award. Developed by the Texas Office for Prevention of Development Disabilities, this awards program highlights the importance of child safety and recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations who are leaders in this work.

In addition to supporting Cook Children’s Promise, Peaks and Ladders initiatives follow the American College of Surgeons’ standards for Trauma Center designation. Injury prevention and community outreach are included as part of Cook Children’s Trauma Center’s Level II designation.

Current focus areas:

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