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Because childhood should be simple ...

Water safetyWater safety and drowning prevention

Did you know that Texas is #1 in the nation for child pool drownings?

Prepare for the Back to Pool swim season with these simple steps:

pool fences

Install four-sided fences with self-latching gates.

pool, door and child alarms

Use pool/door/child alarms.

life vests, life jackets

Wear life vests with U.S. Coast Guard-approved labels.

water watcher

Insist on adult, non-distracted Water Watchers.

family CPR lessons

Take family CPR lessons.

water safety and swim lessons

Schedule water safety and swim lessons.

pool rules

Create and follow all pool rules.

pool drains and cleaning systems

Update pool drains and cleaning systems.

facebook profile

Be a lifesaver.

Change your Facebook profile and help us spread the word to prevent another child from drowning.

Safe Kids Tarrant County drowning prevention resources:

For more information on our drowning prevention efforts in the community, please contact Dana Walraven, Safe Kids Tarrant County coordinator at 682-885-1619 or email

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