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Because childhood should be simple ...

Vaccine and immunization educational resources

Education resourcesWhen it comes to your children, protecting their health and safety is at the very top of your list, second only to loving them. Making sure that you're making the right decisions can be daunting. Especially when there is so much information to sort through.

At Cook Children's we get where you're coming from. After all, caring for kids is our number one priority too. And, like you, most of us are parents, so we can relate to your dilemmas. For that reason, we have gathered together the health information and the resources that will be the most helpful to you.

We're parents too. And as parents we follow the same guidelines that we recommend to our patients and their families. The doctors and caregivers at Cook Children’s believe in immunizations and vaccinate our very own children. Just like you, we want to protect them from unnecessary harm.

From our blog

Some important - and sometimes humorous - words on immunizations from our doctors, nurses and parents:

Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County

Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant CountyFind out what diseases are on the rise, when to get immunized, and where to get immunized. There's even information on free and low-cost immunizations so no one has to go unprotected.

Vaccines and the diseases they prevent

Managing infectious disease

Cook Children's pediatricians are excellent at treating infectious diseases. There, however, times when a specialist is required, such as an infectious disease that can spread throughout the body in only a matter of hours. In these cases, specialized care is required. Under the leadership of Donald K. Murphey, M.D., the Cook Children's Infectious Disease Program is here to offer your child the latest in care. And if your child requires a hospital stay, you can trust that everyone on our team will be working to return your child to as normal a childhood as possible. You can learn more about our Infectious Disease Program by clicking here.

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