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Flu Fact and Fiction
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Flu Fact and Fiction
You may call it winter. But in Dr. Arnaout's clinic, they call it flu season. Here are some facts about the flu and what your family can do to prevent catching it. Read Flu Fact and Fiction.

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The fight against allergies starts at home The cues you can use for breastfeeding Are organics for me? Medieval Times

The fight against allergies starts at home

Did you know your home might be a major cause of allergy or asthmatic episodes? Brad Mercer, M.D., offers helpful tips on protecting young children from indoor allergens.

The cues you can use for breastfeeding

Audrey Rogers, M.D., a Cook Children's pediatrician, offers comfort to moms concerned their baby isn't breastfeeding right after birth. Dr. Rogers explains why there's no need to panic.

Are organics for me?

You've bought organic for your kids' sake. Some say that's not the right decision. Kathleen Davis, a Cook Children's dietitian, gives her opinion and discusses the pros and cons of organic eating.

Medieval times

When Sophia Grant, M.D., wondered if her "kids should be kids" parenting had gone too far, she worried they were out of control. She realized it was time to get 'medieval' (have you seen Pulp Fiction?)

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