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My child has

Because childhood should be simple ...

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NICU Annual Reunion

The Cook Children's NICU family is exactly that, a family. Special bonds are born here between staff and patients, staff and parents, and families sharing similar experiences.

The Cook Children's NICU Reunion marks milestones and celebrates the achievements and successes of each and every one of our kids. With lots of food, fun and fellowship, it’s a great time to renew old friendships and say hello to NICU staff members.

May is a magnificent time

The NICU reunion is held at the Cook Children's campus every year in May. The weather is magnificent, and the smiles are as sunny as the season. And, like the one big happy family that we are, we also keep in touch year-round on Facebook.

Tell us your story!

Every year, families bring "storyboards" to the NICU reunion. It's never too early to start getting ready for the next year. Share your family's experience in the Cook Children's NICU. Create a 20x30" foam board poster including photos of your baby from then and now. Include a short story about your time at Cook Children's and update us on your baby's progress. Your stories will bring hope and encouragement to other families and friends who are in the NICU.

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