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My child has

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Resources & education

When your child is diagnosed with a kidney or urinary tract disorder, the following resources can help you understand doctor-speak and link you to additional health information.

Nephrology articles

Ask a librarian

Finding information on your child's diagnosis can be overwhelming, and scary. A good place to start is with a Cook Children's librarian. Our team can provide an information packet as well as a listing of resources you can trust. From online sources, to written materials, to area support groups for you, your child and your family, we've can deliver information you need and that you can trust. Click here to ask a librarian for assistance.

Family medical planner

When your child's health hits a bump in the road, it can be difficult to keep up with all the appointments, medicatations, health care team members, and information you will need to have to care for you child during this time. The Cook Children's family medical planner is designed so you can keep all of your child's health information in one place ... at your fingertips. Customize and download your FREE family medical planner here..

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