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Cook Children's Neurosciences.
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Rehab Care Unit

Rehab Care Unit (RCU) Paving the road to recovery. The Rehab Care Unit (RCU) is a family-centered area where children receive treatment for head injuries and neurological illnesses.

The RCU uses an interdisciplinary approach, providing medical and nursing care and individualized therapies, including education, support and discharge planning for our patients.

The overall goal of the RCU is to help children reach their highest level of functionality after an injury or illness and return them to their homes as soon as possible.

The RCU at Cook Children's features

Neurological rehabilitation

The RCU helps children recover from neurological problems caused by:

Therapy goals are developed based on the individual needs of each child to encourage ongoing recovery. As a transitional rehabilitation unit, children are admitted from the acute inpatient phase and develop an individualized treatment plan (ITP) with goals focused on home, school and community re-entry. An on-site FWISD school teacher assists with daily school activities and school re-entry. Parents and caregivers actively participate in setting goals for the child's return home and learn how to care for their children each step of the way.

The team members

Rehab Care Unit (RCU)The interdisciplinary team led by pediatric neurologist Warren Marks, M.D., Medical Director, Movement Disorder and Neuro-Rehabilitation program includes:

Additional resources:

For information about Cook Children's Rehab Care Unit, call 682-885-4388.

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