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Alexander Vision Center

Ophthalmology and Vision Clinic

Untreated vision problems can have serious effects on a child's learning, development and physical performance, as well as long-term visual impairments.

Founded by Catherine Alexander and her husband more than 30 years ago, the Alexander Vision Center assist families of children with visual impairments or blindness.

Referrals to our clinic should come from school nurses, physician's offices or public health agencies. Families are required to complete an application for screening and treatment. Specific income guidelines apply. * Please see the chart below for more information.

* Must fall below 150% of the federal poverty level.

Total # of family members Maximum gross monthly Income
1 $1,485.00
2 $2,002.50
3 $2,520.00
4 $3,037.50
5 $3,555.00
6 $4072.50
7 $4,591.25
8 $5,111.25
+ additional Add $520.00

Signs your child may need glasses

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For more information, call 682-885-4499 to schedule an appointment, refer a patient or speak to our staff.

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