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Cook Children's telemedicine/telehealth programCook Children's

Telemedicine/ telehealth program

Creating connections. There are times when families and doctors who live outside of Fort Worth need to consult with the experts at Cook Children's. Thanks to technology, they can.

Telemedicine and telehealth connects you, your child and your doctor to the health care team at Cook Children’s through video conferencing. This allows your family to get a consultation in real time without having to sacrifice time or money to travel far from home. Clinics throughout Texas are equipped with cameras, microphones and TV monitors that allow our doctors to talk directly to you, and your nurses and doctors.

Cook Children’s has been using telemedicine and telehealth technologies since 2004.

American Telemedicine Association - ATAMember of the American Telemedicine Association
Cook Children's is proud to be a part of this leading international program. As a member, we are committed to improving quality, access, equity and affordability of healthcare throughout the world, and here at home.

Telemedicine versus telehealth

So, what’s the difference between telemedicine and telehealth? Telemedicine is when you or your doctor connect to a Cook Children’s doctor or other health professional to get a health assessment or receive care remotely. Our doctor will talk to you or your child, as well as the doctor or nurse who is with you at your location. The doctor or nurse who is with the patient has medical devices that assist the physician during the telemedicine visit. Such devices include an otoscope for the ear, stethoscope for heart and lung sounds, and a close-up exam camera that can take video of the skin, eyes, and mouth. Telehealth on the other hand, offers parents and children opportunities to learn from one of Cook Children’s health professionals, such as dieticians, social workers, psychologists or counselors.

Both telemedicine and telehealth are in real time audio and video conferencing. 

Cook Children's telemedicine/telehealth program  Cook Children's telemedicine/telehealth program

Cook Children's telemedicine/telehealth program  Cook Children's telemedicine/telehealth program

Multispecialty clinics across Texas equipped with telemedicine equipment:

Current specialties that participate in Cook Children’s telemedicine/telehealth program:


Cook Children’s telemedicine and telehealth technology are used by various pediatric specialists to help children living in underserved or rural communities get access to quality care.

Cook Children’s telehealth program provides diabetic and dietary counseling to kids through our regional specialty clinics. These services support the care that’s given by pediatric specialists.

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If you’d like to learn more about our telemedicine/telehealth program, please contact Jodi Roberson at

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