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Because childhood should be simple ...

Meet our team

Our team includes board-certified pediatric pulmonologists, clinical nurse specialists, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, Child Life specialists, clinical dieticians and social workers.

The professional opinion of each team member, including parents, is considered in developing a plan of care for your child. We place a high value on continuity of care with your primary pulmonologist.

Our specialty care team

Cunningham, James M.D. Cunningham, James M.D.
Chief Medical Officer,
Cook Children's Health Care System

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Dambro, Nancy, M.D. Dambro, Nancy M.D.
Medical Director, Pulmonary Services
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Shailendra Das, M.D. Shailendra Das, M.D.
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Dyson, Maynard M.D.

Dyson, Maynard M.D.
Chairman, Institutional Review Board, Cook Children's Health Care System
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Hadeed, Sami M.D. Hadeed, Sami M.D.
Medical Director, Transitional Care
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Pearson, Hilary M.D. Pearson, Hilary M.D.
Medical Director, Sleep Laboratory
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Pfaff, John M.D. Pfaff, John M.D.
Medical Director,
Pulmonology/Respiratory Therapy

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Schultz, Karen M.D. Schultz, Karen M.D.
Medical Director, Specialty Informatics
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