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Sleep Center

Sleep ApneaCook Children’s Sleep Center helps kids with sleep apnea and other breathing disorders.

Our Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

Sometimes even children have sleep apnea and other breathing disorders. Because of the growing need to evaluate these disorders, Cook Children’s established a sleep laboratory to help diagnose and manage pediatric sleep disorders.

Presently, we have three registered sleep technologists on staff, and they are directed by Wolfgang Schmidt-Nowara, M.D.

Dr. Schmidt-Nowara brings years of experience in clinical sleep medicine and sleep research, and in the teaching and leadership of sleep medicine on the national level. The Sleep Center is designed to assist in the diagnosis of the full spectrum of pediatric sleep disorders. Physicians from the pulmonary department and other Cook Children’s specialists work together with the Sleep Center staff to provide clinical consultation and ongoing management. Cook Children’s Sleep Center provides a comprehensive community resource for the diagnosis and care of children with sleep disorders.

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