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My child has

Pediatrician and child
Because childhood should be simple ...


At Cook Children's Rehabilitation Services, we understand that no two children are alike. That's why we offer four types of therapy plans, tailored specifically for your child and his/her needs. We want to make every appointment unique for each family.


Rehabilitation services

Team members include doctors, surgeons, audiologists and speech-language pathologists and physical and occupational therapists. Other professionals may be added to a child's "team" if needed. We offer physical, occupational, speech and audiology therapy for kids.

Diagnosis of specific types of hearing loss for all pediatric ages.

Cochlear Implant
Helping kids diagnosed with significant hearing loss who don't benefit from a hearing aid.

Occupational Therapy
Focusing on fine motor and functional skills.

Physical Therapy
Focusing on large motor and functional skills.

Speech Therapy
Working with kids to improve oral motor, speech, language and communication. skills.


SPORTS Rehab provides coordinated and comprehensive care to children and teens with orthopedic or sports related injuries.

Transitional Care Unit
Providing rehabilitation services to children recovering from all types of illnesses, injuries and congenital defects.

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