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Because childhood should be simple ...

Occupational therapy

The goal of occupational therapy is to help children do their jobsWhen most people hear the term occupational therapy (OT), they think of work and grownups, not kids. After all, kids don't have "occupations" … or do they? For babies and toddlers, play is their job. As kids get older, play and school become their jobs. Teens and young adults very often do add jobs to school and play.

When an illness, disorder, or accident interrupts the ability to play, study, work or simply do the little everyday things, like brushing teeth or tying shoes, the occupational therapists at Cook Children's are here to help patients achieve independence and develop the skills they need for living.

Cook Children's Healthcare System provides a full spectrum of occupational therapy including inpatient, outpatient, and home health.

The goal of occupational therapy is to help children do their jobs. For kids, that means doing the everyday activities that "occupy" their lives, like:

We believe that your family is key to your child's therapy success. Knowing that therapy is a small portion of your child's daily life, we give the child and caregiver tools to promote independence and function at home, school and out in the community. We do this through a holistic approach, which means we look at the whole child, physically and psychologically to help them achieve a healthy life balance.

Why Cook Children's occupational therapy?

When you choose Cook Children's Occupational Therapy Program, you know that you're getting people who really understand children. We focus on newborns all the way to young adulthood, and making sure that each patient we see receives the very best treatment and care to help them grow up as happy and healthy as possible. All of our therapists certified in pediatric care, and they work one-on-one with the patient and the family to provide the treatment and support options that make the most sense for you.

Our services

occupational therapist are dedicated to the care patientsOur occupational therapists are dedicated to the care patients with a wide variety of health issues. Some come to us for a short time, others require ongoing therapy. Our inpatient setting is designed to help our patients recover and transition home, and when necessary, to our outpatient care. Our outpatient clinics are located throughout the area to help ensure that, from infancy into young adulthood, our patients have access to therapy. From the simple to the complex, our therapists have extensive experience in evaluating and treating children with all kinds of functionality challenges. Our services include:


Because we work with inpatients and outpatients across all kinds of ailments, disorders, injuries and mental and emotional challenges, collaboration is critical to each child's success. We work with every specialty and customize your child's therapy to meet his or her needs. We also work closely with your child's pediatrician and you to ensure that everyone on the care team is working toward the same goals. This unified team approach optimizes your child's ability to do the everyday things that make life a little simpler.

Our team

Cook Children's Rehabilitation services employ highly skilled and experienced occupational therapists. Our occupational therapists are trained in a variety of treatment approaches and have more than thirty years of combined experience providing care. Several occupational therapists conduct research and have specialized training through the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Our team has extensive training and expertise in a wide variety of pediatric specialties, including:

Are you a trained, licensed therapist interested in working with our team? Learn more here.

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Patients can make an appointment and physicians may refer a patient by calling 682-885-3898. Please fax referrals and patient registration forms to 682-885-7590.

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