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Referral information

SPORTS visitsThank you for referring to
the SPORTS program at Cook Children's. For your convenience, we have provided our referral forms and fax number below. Please fill out the appropriate form and fax it directly to our office.

SPORTS Orthopedic referrals

For athletic injuries in need of more involved orthopedic care. Your insurance plan may require a referral from your child's primary care doctor.

SPORTS Rehab referrals

For athletes who need rehabilitation after an injury. An evaluate and treat order will be needed to start physical or hand therapy.

When to make a referral

Physicians often question when to refer an injured patient to an orthopedic specialist or a rehabilitation therapist. Cook Children's can fulfill both options with these helpful tips:

When to refer a patient to Cook Children's Orthopedics:

When to refer a patient to Cook Children's SPORTS Rehab:

If you have any questions about either of our programs, please call 817-347-2925.

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