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SPORTS Rehab checkup news

When it comes to getting—and staying—in the game, our team is number 1!

Have you seen our playbook? Parents, coaches, trainers and athletes, check out our resources page NOW. Get information on injury prevention and recovery from some of the best players on our team.

From athletes to dancers to gymnasts, the Cook Children's SPORTS rehab team not only works with kids and teens who have been sidelined with orthopedic injuries, we also offer tips to help keep them from getting injured.

Check out our recent news stories and sports rehab information now. You'll discover information from professionals you can trust, like our board certified doctors, physical therapists, nurses, technicians and even nutritionists. People who work with kids and teens everyday, and who have experience in treating, and more importantly, preventing, sports injuries.

Our most recent news posts on Cook Children's Checkup Daily:

More news posts are coming soon, so check back often.

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