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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions concerning Cook Children's Outpatient Laboratory.

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Do I need an appointment?

Glucose tolerance tests and sweat tests are the only testing that require an appointment at the Cook Children's Outpatient Lab.  Glucose tolerance tests are scheduled for 7:00 am, Monday - Friday.  Sweat tests are scheduled for 9:00 am, 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm, Monday - Friday.  To schedule one of these tests you will need to call 682-885-1095.  All other testing is performed on a walk in/first come, first serve basis. 

Do I need orders from my child's physician for lab work?

Yes, Cook Children's requires an order from you healthcare provider for all lab work. The orders can be brought in by the patient, faxed to the laboratory by the physician or entered electronically by the physician.

Do you take my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans, and try to help ensure your blood work gets sent to your insurance's preferred lab.

Is there a co-pay/do I have to pay anything up front?

You will not have to pay anything up front. Lab work will be billed through your insurance (if you have it), and the bill balance will be sent to you by Cook Children's, Quest, or LabCorp depending on which lab performed your testing .

What do I need to bring with me?

You should bring your insurance cards, photo identification and the physician order, if not provided by fax or electronic transmission.

Does my child need to be fasting?

Some tests require your child to be fasting or to not eat for a specified time before the lab test. This is something you should ask your physician. They will look at your order/chart and determine if your child should not eat or drink, and for how long.

Where do I park for my outpatient lab draw?

Where are you located?

The Outpatient Laboratory is located on the first floor of the Dodson Specialty Clinic Building, attached to the main Cook Children's Hospital. The physical address is 1500 Cooper Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104.

Where do I go once I arrive in the Dodson building?

You do not need to stop at Main Registration, but can come directly to the lab. Check in at the Outpatient Laboratory window to be registered and to receive a pager disk. You will be entered into the tracker system and called back based on the order of your arrival.

How long will the lab draw take?

We are a walk in draw station and therefore it is impossible to predict wait times. It is difficult to predict how long a blood draw will take because every patient is unique and each experience can be different.

Do you have anything to help with my child's pain/anxiety?

We have several options to help depending on the patient's age. We offer sucrose, cold spray, buzzy, distractions, and Child Life Specialists for assistance. Please see page on pain management.

Can you sedate or restrain my child?

No, we do not offer sedation or restraints. Staff members in the outpatient lab are trained to hold and distract, but if safety becomes an issue (either for the patient, parent, or staff) the blood draw will be discontinued.

How do I get results? How long does it take?

When your child's test results become available, the ordering physician will be notified and he or she should contact you. Results do not come to the lab. Some lab tests may take longer to perform than others. Please consult with your physician on how quickly you should expect to receive your results.

What ages can be drawn at Cook Children's Outpatient Lab?

We draw patients from newborn to the age of 18. If the patient is older than 18, we will collect specimens only if tests are ordered by a Cook Children's physician and the patient has a history with Cook Children's Healthcare System.

Can you draw my special needs child?

Yes we can draw your child. Please let us know at the window if your child has any special needs so that we can try to accommodate as much as possible.

What if my child needs to have a research study drawn? Will Cook Children's collect and send my child's samples?

We can collect these specimens when the study is ordered by a Cook Children's physician, and if all supplies are included in the kit (including shipping supplies). Under no circumstances will blood be given back to the family.

How much will the testing cost?

You will need to speak with your insurance company and the lab where testing will be performed to obtain pricing. For tests performed at Quest or LabCorp, you will need to contact their lab directly since Cook Children's is not involved with billing for their testing.

May I go to a Quest or LabCorp facility instead?

You can go to another Quest or LabCorp location closer to home, but keep in mind they will not have pain management options to offer at their locations. You can also drop off urine and stool specimens at other locations.

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