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Because childhood should be simple ...

Checkup Challenge

There's a new game in town, and it's helping kids score points for life. Are you ready to start playing?

Whether you play sports, are an artist, are studying, or having fun with your friends like riding bikes, you need to be your best to do your best. And the Cook Children's Checkup Challenge gives you all the tools and support you need to succeed.

This easy-to-follow program empowers kids of all ages. You'll have all the tools you need to ake control of your own health through diet and exercise. The step-by-step plan gives you new challenges every week for six weeks. Best of all, everyone who completes the plan comes out a winner—for life.

Ready to get started?

It's not too early to get started on a healthy lifestyle. Getting in shape now, and staying in shape, will help you do whatever you want to do and become whatever it is you want to be, whether it's a firefighter, veterinarian, basketball player or a famous scientist. We can't help you with your jump shot or chemistry, but we can help you get started on getting healthy.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Checkup Challenge now.

Getting Started

Week 1 - Getting Started

The overview. We kick off the program by introducing the topics that will be emphasized throughout the six weeks. We will explain the importance of activity, nutrition, watching your screen time and tracking your points. Throughout the program, we ask the kids to challenge their parents to get involved and will supply information to mom and dad on how they can participate.

Get Moving!

Week 2 - Get Moving!

Activity. To be healthy, our kids have to get moving. We will use this week to talk about the importance of kids increasing their activity and working toward at least 60 minutes of movement a day. We will give them a few ideas to get started.

Eat Healthy

Week 3 - Eat Healthy

Nutrition. Along with exercise, children need to eat better. We will explain the "plate method," which shows kids an easy way to get the right amount of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates at each meal.

Get Active

Week 4 - Staying Active

Screen time. Kids today have more distractions than ever, with computers, video games, phones and TVs. We encourage kids to limit their screen time to a maximum of two hours a day and offer fun ideas for being active indoors.

Healthy Choices

Week 5 - Healthy Choices

Making healthy choices. Everyone seems busier these days, but that doesn't mean kids don't have time to make good food choices. We'll give them some ideas for a healthy breakfast or fast food meal.

Feel Good

Week 6 - Staying Positive

Use the information you've learned as a starting point, not an ending and keep it up so you grow up to be your very best, healthy self.

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