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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Cook Children's fosters continued growth of great physicians, nurses and other health care professionals through continuing education on a variety of health care topics.

Educational events, such as weekly Grand Rounds and annual conferences, offer health care professionals opportunities to learn from experts in pediatric health care and receive continuing medical education or continuing nursing education hours at the same time.

Our professional education programs also offer certification and recertification courses in all American Heart Association courses such as Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. We also offer certification courses for trauma nurses, emergency nurses, and chemotherapy providers.

To view event information, dates, or to register for any of the professional courses listed below, click the name of the course in the left column.

Upcoming Events:

Information Only - Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: From Bedside to Bench and Back Again10/20/2015
March School Nurse Webcast: GI Issues in the School Setting3/1/20173/29/2017
Grand Rounds - Advances In Pediatric Food Allergy3/28/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider3/29/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider3/29/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider4/4/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider4/4/2017
Redefining Our Role: Responsive Feeding Therapy for the Young Child4/5/2017
Redefining Our Role: Responsive Feeding Therapy for the Young Child - WEB OPTION4/5/2017
HeartCode PALS (Part 1 and 2)4/6/2017
HeartCode PALS Part 2 Skills Session ONLY4/6/2017
1st Annual Facility Dog Program Summit4/13/20174/14/2017
NRP 7th Edition Provider Course4/13/2017
HeartCode PALS (Part 1 and 2)4/17/2017
HeartCode PALS Part 2 Skills Session ONLY4/17/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider4/18/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider4/18/2017
HeartCode PALS (Part 1 and 2)4/19/2017
HeartCode PALS Part 2 Skills Session ONLY4/19/2017
NRP 7th Edition Provider Course - Private TCC Only4/20/2017
NRP 7th Edition Provider Course4/25/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider4/26/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider4/26/2017
HeartCode PALS (Part 1 and 2)4/28/2017
HeartCode PALS Part 2 Skills Session ONLY4/28/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider5/2/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider5/2/2017
Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)5/8/20175/9/2017
NRP 7th Edition Provider Course5/11/2017
2017 Pediatric Pain Management Conference ON-SITE5/12/2017
2017 Pediatric Pain Management Conference WEBCAST5/12/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider5/16/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider5/16/2017
NRP 7th Edition Provider Course5/23/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider5/30/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider5/30/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider5/31/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider5/31/2017
Pediatric Gait Analysis: A Segmental Kinematic Approach to Orthotic Management and Rehab6/2/20176/4/2017
Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC)6/6/20176/7/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider6/13/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider6/13/2017
2017 School Nurse Symposium ON-SITE June 15, 20176/15/2017
2017 School Nurse Symposium WEBCAST June 15, 20176/15/2017
8th Cook Children’s SPORTS Symposium Onsite6/21/2017
8th Cook Children’s SPORTS Symposium Webcast6/21/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider6/27/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider6/27/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider6/28/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider6/28/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider7/11/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider7/11/2017
2017 School Nurse Symposium ON-SITE July 21, 20177/21/2017
2017 School Nurse Symposium WEBCAST July 21, 20177/21/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider7/25/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider7/25/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider7/26/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider7/26/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider8/8/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider8/8/2017
Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)8/11/20178/12/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider8/22/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider8/22/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider8/30/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider8/30/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider9/5/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider9/5/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider9/19/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider9/19/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider9/27/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider9/27/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider10/3/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider10/3/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider10/17/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider10/17/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider10/25/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider10/25/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider10/31/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider10/31/2017
Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)11/7/201711/8/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider11/14/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider11/14/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider11/28/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider11/28/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider11/29/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider11/29/2017
Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC)12/4/201712/5/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider12/12/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider12/12/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider12/26/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider12/26/2017
HeartCode ACLS Provider12/27/2017
HeartCode BLS Healthcare Provider12/27/2017
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