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Grand Rounds video library

EducationThrough our Grand Rounds video library, Cook Children's provides busy health care professionals an opportunity to receive current information on a variety of health care topics when and where it is convenient.

These informational offerings provide an opportunity to learn from experts in pediatric health care.


This is an educational program designed to present scientific information and opinion to health professionals, to stimulate thought, and further investigation. It does not provide advice regarding medical diagnosis or treatment for any individual case. It is not intended for use by the layman. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Cook Children's Health Care System. Mention of products or services does not constitute endorsement.

Grand Rounds - Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional Effects of Concussion in Children and AdolescentsDr. Morton will address the cognitive, emotional and behavioral effects of concussions from a neuropsychologist's perspective. Learning Objecitves: Explain typical and atypical recovery patterns following concussion.
Grand Rounds - Concussion ManagementDr. Blueitt will provide an in-depth look at concussions in school-aged patients, including concussion management and appropriate return to play protocol. Learning Objecitves: Explain the neuropathology of concussions.
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