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Teresa Bingham

Teresa BinghamTeresa Bingham
Gifts Processing Coordinator
682-885-3892 phone
682-885-3799 fax
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Job responsibilities:

  • Send out thank you cards and letters to our generous donors.
  • Compile end-of-the-month data for senior management.
  • Maintain constituent information in the database (update addresses and phone numbers, etc.).
  • Set up pledges in the database.
  • Set up and maintain funds in the database.

I have been in development for less than a year, but am perfect for my job because I’m responsible, honest and strive to do a great job.

I am married and have two children, one dog and one cat.

I was born in Longview, Texas, and went to Paschal High School in Fort Worth. Not for a minute did I ever think I was cool in high school.

I listen to rock music, watch soccer (but only my daughter’s team) and like to read. I worked  at Long John Silver’s in the early 80s when the uniform was a long sleeved red and white polyester tunic. I hated it so much that I changed clothes before I went home so no one would see me in it.

Little known facts:

  • I grew up with only one grandparent.
  • I wear a size 5 shoe, and it is extremely difficult to find.
  • I missed my calling as a narc.
  • I’m so cold natured that I wear long johns year-round.
  • I always sneeze in threes.

Favorite parts of my job:

  • My awesome co-workers.
  • Knowing that I’m helping help kids.

Favorite things about Cook Children’s:

  • Patient art.
  • Browsing the gift shop in the medical center.
  • Little red wagons.