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Hematology Oncology

Putting the "h" and the "o" in hope. If we had one wish, it would be to make it so that no child would ever have to suffer from any kind of illness. Here at the Cook Children's Hematology and Oncology Center, we are working every day on medical treatments and research to help make the blood disorders and cancers that hurt children and teens, disappear.

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Support Groups and Resources

Cook Children's hematology and oncology offer a variety of support groups and resources for families with a child who has been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder. Adolescents and young adults with cancer and cancer survivors will also find strong support and resources here. When things get complicated, you can trust that Cook Children's is here to help.

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Advanced Treatment

With advanced treatments found in only a few hospitals in the nation, Cook Children's hematology and oncology programs are ranked among the best in the U.S. Childhood should be simple, but when its not, turn to the team with the expertise needed to treat complicated conditions.

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