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Clinical Research Information for Sponsors

CCHC Annual Research Report Cook Children’s Health Care System, located in Fort Worth, Texas, operates a pediatric clinical research program with unlimited potential for sponsored investigations.  We are actively enrolling pediatric subjects in more than 200 clinical trials across most pediatric therapeutic areas.  Nearly one million patient visits to Cook Children's facilities occur each year.

Cook Children's Medical Center, our central facility, is located about 40 minutes from the DFW International Airport:

Cook Children's clinics are present throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area:

A network of physician investigators

Cook Children’s Physician Network is the largest pediatric multi-specialty physician group in Texas. The company is comprised of 226 physicians providing medical and surgical care in 58 primary care pediatric and pediatric subspecialty practices located primarily in the greater Fort Worth metropolitan area and surrounding communities. Our physicians are active or potentially active investigators during all phases of pharmaceutical product, medical device or therapeutics development.

A Research Administration Office to Coordinate Every Project

All clinical research activity is centralized through the Cook Children’s  Research Administration Office.  Every physician may be an investigator.  Every patient visit represents an opportunity for clinical trial enrollment.

The Office efficiently manages all phases of each project.  Investigators and staff are provided with ongoing training, support and oversight to assure compliance with regulatory agencies and good clinical practices.  A flexible pool of clinical research coordinators serves the investigators individually or, in some cases, by clinical department. 

 Research services include:

Interested Sponsors may contact an Investigator or the Cook Children's Research Administration Office.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Cook Children's Health Care System requires that all research protocols conducted at Cook Children's receive approval by our  Institutional Review Board, which meets twice each month.

Dedicated Research Administration Leaders

James Marshall, MD, FAAP

James Marshall, MD, FAAP
Medical Director of Clinical Research
Pediatric Intensive Care and Clinical Pharmacology
Phone: 682-885-3643

Leigh Donahue, RN, MBA, CCRC

Leigh Donahue, RN, MBA, CCRC
Director, Research Operations
Phone: 682-885-7491

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