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Clinical and Professional Excellence Program

Opportunities for advancement and growth through our Clinical and Professional Excellence Program.

Cook Children’s recognizes that the care of ill and injured children requires highly skilled staff. It is our policy to recognize expertise and skills unique to caring for our patients. Rewarding clinical and professional excellence is a goal of Cook Children’s Health Care System.

Registered Nurses and other patient care providers have the opportunity to fulfill pre-determined criteria based on area-specific needs. Department managers nominate employees to receive advanced status based on the nominee’s ability to achieve the outlined criteria and competencies for their area. A review committee is assembled and charged with the responsibility of reviewing all applications and determining eligibility for advanced status for each qualified applicant.

The Clinical and Professional Excellence Program, often referred to as Cook Children’s Clinical Ladder, is yet another example of Cook Children’s Health Care System’s commitment in providing programs that allow employees to grow and develop professionally. Nominees that are selected for advanced status are rewarded not only professionally, but also clinically and economically.

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