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   Camps    for Kids

Cook Children's summer camps allow kids a chance to make friends and share experiences with other young patients. Camp counselors work to provide a safe and therapeutic environment that allows these children to share the experience of being away at summer camp.

Camp Sanguinity

Camp Neuron

Camp Broncho


   Camp    Sanguinity

Camp Sanguinity has allowed children being treated for cancer and blood disorders to have a summer camp experience. Children spend a week gaining confidence and determination by challenging themselves, trying new activities, learning new skills and making new friends.

About Camp Sangunity

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   Camp    Broncho

Camp Broncho exists to provide children with asthma, who for medical reasons may be unable to attend other summer camps, the opportunity to experience camp in a medically safe and educationally supportive environment.

About Camp Broncho

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   Support    Our Camps

Cook Children's various camps would not be possible without those who volunteer their time as camp counselors and those who contribute funds and needed supplies every year. Find out how you can help support our childrens' camps.

Support Camp Sanguinity
Call (682) 885-7989

Support Camp Broncho
Call (982) 885-6280


Resources and Health Information 

For nearly 25 years, Camp Sanguinity has allowed children being treated for cancer and blood disorders to visit summer camp.

Resources and Health Information 

Your child can breathe easier this summer at Camp Broncho of North Texas, a camp for children with asthma.

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