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My child has

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Introducing your
health care team

Many people are involved in the care of your child at Cook Children's Medical Center. The health care team is made up of medical and support staff.

Below is a list of people that might be included on your health care team:

The support team includes the following people:

Please share with us important information about your child's health and any changes you have observed. We are here to help.

Parents as team members

As parents or caregivers, you are important members of the team that cares for your child. Our family-centered care can help relieve your child's fears and often helps speed recovery.

While your child is in the medical center, you should continue regular routines such as brushing your child's teeth and hair. This may also help ease the stress felt by parents and siblings. When it makes sense, you are encouraged to take part in the treatment of your child. This is especially important for parents who will provide treatment for chronically ill children at home. Ask your nurse or physician how you can help.

Here are some tips for talking with your health care team from parents who serve on Cook Children's Family Advisory Council:

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