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My child has

Because childhood should be simple ...



There's an old saying that laughter is the best medicine. At Cook Children's, we believe it's certainly good for you. That's why we offer Funnyatrics, a therapeutic medical clown program. Our professional clowns use humor and laughter to help our patients in their healing.

There's something wonderful in the sound of a child's laughter. It can make anyone feel good and lighten your step and your heart. But it does so much more than that. Besides providing healthy moments of joy and delight, laughter has been shown to:

Smiling and laughing don’t just benefit your child's physical health, they also allow "problems" to be seen in a more positive way. Our therapeutic medical clowns work in teams of two, and visit inpatient units and outpatient specialty clinics. Their focus is to connect with your child and family using humor to distract, empower and bring some much-needed joy. They can also encourage your child to walk, eat, take medicine or simply bring a smile and giggle, even on a tough day. And that's something to feel good about.

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