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Because childhood should be simple ...



GetWellNetwork® is a computer, TV and gaming system available in each patient room. The system will help you learn more about your child’s diagnosis and treatment, help with medical center questions, and provide entertainment.

GetWellNetwork helps families who are being treated at Cook Children's to feel a little more in control. It's an interactive resource for patients and parents which can be accessed through the TV in their room. You'll be able to watch videos and TV shows, play games and surf the Internet.

Families can view important educational information about their child's illness and treatment, and find age appropriate programs to help their child understand what's happening to them. Parents even have parental controls in case they want to limit what their child can access.

GetWellNetwork let's you request an interpreter or chaplain, and ask for cleaning service or to change the temperature in your room. You can receive timely information about your child's care and find out how to locate a pediatrician near your home or even find a hotel.

For patients, there are games, movies, music and the ability to create your own Web site.

GetWellNetwork is one of many ways Cook Children's treats our families like guests, making their stay here comfortable and fun.

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