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Because childhood should be simple ...

Language and
interpreter services

Children and their families who receive care from Cook Children's come from many cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Interpreters are your voice.

For families with language or communication challenges, we're here to help you understand your child's illness and treatment recommendations. We do this by providing language assistance for non-English speaking or hearing impaired children and families.

We can help participate in the daily care of the patient by giving the family information about tests, medicines or patient care the family needs to understand.

Compassionate and respectful communications lead to relationships built on trust. This ensures better quality, safety and ultimately better outcomes for every child, every day.

Interpreters are available to provide these services:

We have many Spanish speaking interpreters on staff who are accredited by the nationallya recognized Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters.

In addition, we feature video remote interpreting (VIR), which is available for over 200 languages, 24/7, and includes the most common languages spoken in our area: ASL, Burmese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Nepali, French, Swahili, Karen, Somali, Kirundi, Mandarin, Korean and many more.

Our over the phone interpretation (OPI) services are available via blue phones, which are located at nurse's stations and throughout the medical center campus to insure interpretation services are accessible where and as needed.

Hours of service

Language services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you need an interpreter, please contact 682-885-4119 and follow the prompts.

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