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Camp Jubilee

Campers at Camp CourageJubilee comes from the word jubilation, meaning joy or celebration. Here at Camp Jubilee, kids and teens with sickle cell disease discover the joy that comes from achieving new levels of independence and celebrating each success with newfound and lifelong friends.

Camp Jubilee is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a week-long summer camping experience for children ages 7-14 with sickle cell disease. These children are currently treated at Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Cook Children's Medical Center of Fort Worth. There is no cost to campers or their families. Campers gain a sense of accomplishment and build friendships with other children who have the same disorder. Campers are encouraged and recognized as unique individuals. They increase their own ability to cope with their disease by being with their peers as they teach each other what it means to live with sickle cell disease.

Camp Jubilee objectives

Camp Jubilee is designed to provide support and encouragement to a safe, comfortable environment where they have the opportunity to:

Camp staffing

Camp Jubilee is held at Camp John Marc, 70 miles southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth near Meridian, Texas. Camp John Marc is designed for children with chronic illnesses as well as those with physical and medical challenges. Volunteers serve as cabin counselors, program staff and members of the medical care team. Background checks are conducted on all camp volunteers.

Medical care and medications

A medical team consisting of volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses provide medical supervision 24 hours a day. The dispensing of medicine is very closely monitored as prescribed by your child's physician. Children are required to bring their own medications to camp. Camper cabins are air-conditioned, each having a complete bathroom and twin size single beds.

Camper selection

Girls and boys, ages 7-14 with sickle cell disease are eligible to attend the week long camp. There is also a one-day camp for children ages 5-6. An application must be completed and returned to the camp coordinator at each participating hospital.

Potential campers must be approved by their hematology physician to attend the camp.

What do we do at camp?

Located on a 170-acre campsite and Bosque County, beautiful, natural surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for camp activities, including:

All activities can be adapted according to the needs of the camper.

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