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Camp Strong

Discover acres of nature and adventures while strengthening recovery and family bonds.

Camp Strong is a weekend family camp held in early April and located at the scenic Camp John Marc in Meridian, TX. This camp offers a weekend getaway for families of previous patients, ages 5-12, who have spent more than two weeks on the Transitional/Rehabilitative Care Unit (TCU/RCU) at Cook Children’s Medical Center, following an acquired neurological injury. Camp Strong was named by a group of campers in April 2014. The name represents the journey of our families in discovering the strength within their families, the former patient, and the recovery process.

Camp Strong mission

The Camp Strong mission is to provide a family-centered environment to former patients and their families, by giving them opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, build relationships and grow as a family. One weekend at Camp Strong and families want to come back every year!

Camp Strong objectives

Camp Strong provides an opportunity for every member of the family, including parents/caregivers, patients and siblings to relax and find support from others who understand their daily challenges. Camp Strong is designed to provide encouragement to families in a safe, comfortable environment where they have the opportunity to:

Camp staffing

The volunteers who attend Camp Strong are composed of nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, child life specialists, educators, social workers and other community volunteers. All volunteers have completed thorough background checks and are specifically chosen to assist with the needs of our families.

Medical care

Medical staff is available 24 hours a day. Care is provided in the on-site medical building by a licensed registered nurse.

Camper selection

Camper selection is made through application on a first-come, first-serve basis. Camp Strong invites families with children, 5-12 years old, with an acquired neurological disease, injury or disorder who were admitted for two or more weeks on TCU/RCU. Immediate family members (primary caregivers and siblings) are welcome to attend and participate in activities appropriate for all ages and levels of assistance.

What do we do at camp?

Every moment of this weekend camp is filled with excitement, adventure and self-discovery. Adaptive activities are designed so that patients and family members can join in the fun while staying safe. Activities include:

For Camp Strong information – contact Lindsay Jones at 682.885.2461 or email

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