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Because childhood should be simple ...

Camp TLC

Every child deserves an opportunity to experience the self-esteem that comes from the fun and independence of summer camp. For children, ages 8-15, with spina bifida, Camp TLC makes that vision a reality.

This wonderful camp enables children to explore and discover nature. Here, they are surrounded by other kids and medically trained professionals who know and understand their challenges and offer encouragement while having a great time. It’s a place where memories are made, and friendships forged.

Camp TLC objectives

Sponsored by the Spina Bifida Association of North Texas (SBANT), Camp TLC provides children with spina bifida a safe, comfortable environment where they have the opportunity to:

All expenses are covered by donations from individuals, organizations, groups, and businesses whose generosity comes from the heart and a strong compassion for kids.

Camp staffing

TLC is held at Camp John Marc near Meridian, Texas. This 170-acre campground is designed to be completely accessible, and is a state-of-the-art therapeutic camping facility with specially trained staff. Campers stay in air-conditioned cabins with trained volunteer cabin counselors.

Medical care

Medical care at Camp TLC is supervised by a team of doctors and nurses who specialize in spina bifida.

Camper selection

Camp TLC is held in early June of each year for children/teens ages 8-15 with spina bifida. Applications for camp are sent out in February of each year. Ninety to 100 campers are accepted.

What do we do at camp?

Camp TLC allows children with SB to experience greater independence and to participate in a wide range of activities:

For info and application –, call 972-238-8755 or email

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