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Kamp Kaleidoscope

Kamp KaleidoscopeJust because you have epilepsy doesn't mean you can't explore the world away from home. If you're looking for summer fun and adventure for teens ages
15-19, you'll find it all at Kamp Kaleidoscope.

Kamp Kaleidoscope is a week-long, overnight camp for teenagers with a primary diagnosis of epilepsy. Camp is provided free of charge to all campers.

Kamp Kaleidoscope objectives

Kamp Kaleidoscope offers teens a unique camping experience, while surrounded by a caring, well-trained staff. Activities are designed to help kids build trust and gain confidence in a safe, supportive environment.

Camp staffing

Held in Anna, Texas, Kamp Kaleidoscope is staffed by medical professionals and volunteer counselors. A pediatric neurologist and a team of nurses are on site at camp for the week. The staff is fully trained in seizure first aid, behavioral management, and camp safety. With a camper to staff ratio of 4:1, we pride ourselves on these dedicated individuals and their passion for the mission of Kamp Kaleidoscope.

Medical care and medications

The medical team provides medical supervision 24 hours a day. The dispensing of medicine is very closely monitored as prescribed by your child's physician. Children are required to bring their own medications to camp.

Camper selection

Kamp Kaleidoscope is open to teens, ages 15-19 years, with a primary diagnosis of epilepsy. Campers are accepted once the full application has been reviewed. Availability is on a first come, first served basis.

What do we do at Kamp Kaleidoscope?

Kamp Kaleidoscope info and application – call 888-548-9716 or email



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