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NF Family Camp

NF Family Camp Everybody rocks at NF Family Camp. It's a weekend of fun, adventure, and bonding and it all wraps up with a rockin' talent show and a dance.

Held every year in early September, NF Family Camp is a great time for patients to learn, laugh and make meaningful relationships with new NF friends while growing closer to their own families. This barrier free camp means that every camper, regardless of physical ability, has the opportunity to experience horseback riding, water activities, sports, and all events. There's even a zip line and tree house accessible to every camper.

NF Family Camp objectives

NF Family Camp provides an opportunity for every member of the family, including parents, patients, siblings, extended family and caregivers, to relax and find support from others who understand their daily challenges. It also affords those with NF a chance to accomplish new feats and build a sense of self-confidence and independence.

Camp staffing

The professional staff is well-trained in special needs camping and provide continuing education at special needs and other camp conferences.

Medical care

A volunteer medical staff provides medical supervision.

Camper selection

Camp is for patients with NF and their families. Families can apply for a "Campership" (camper scholarship.) Campership selection is based on financial need. Preference is given to immediate family. Extended family (grandparents) will only be considered for partial scholarships. Friends are not awarded camperships. Out-of-state residents may apply, but first priority will be given to Texas residents.

What do we do at camp?

NF Family Camp is held at Camp For All located just outside of Brenham, Texas on acres and acres of wide open spaces. The camp itself is designed to be barrier free, and all of the activities are adapted to afford every camper the chance to explore nature and participate in the camping experience. Here, we don't focus on what campers can't do, it is all about what they can do, including:

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