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Changes in policy

Even the smallest changes in your health insurance policy can have a huge cost. Some changes are due to a job change or job loss, the birth or adoption of a child, marital status, and many other of life's events.

Changes can also be a result of your employer expanding benefits, or reducing them to cut costs. Your health insurance provider may also expand or reduce benefits, as well as expand or reduce medical providers. Here at Cook Children's, we are always working to contract with as many health insurance plans as possible, because we want to assure that every child who comes through our doors has access to the incredible care we provide to the families we serve.

What you need to know

For as long as there have been health insurance plans, there have been changes in policies. So how will you know if and when your policy changes? We offer some helpful suggestions below.

If your policy changes and coverage is denied by your insurance company, you may still have the right to an appeal. Learn more here.

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