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Pediatrician and child
Because childhood should be simple ...

From the HeART

Show and Tell

Share in the rich experiences, miracles and learnings that help shape Cook Children's every day.

Water Safety

Safe Kids Tarrant County, led by Cook Children's, offers important layers of protection to keep your child safe while swimming.

The Life of Reilly

Teenager survives life-threatening neck injury. Shannon Reilly has a dry wit that most 13 year olds don't possess. She also has a miraculous tale that few people have survived.

Tough Situation

Advice on handling bullying

A Patient Before She was Born

Natalie became a Cook Children's patient before she was even born.

A Road to a Healthier Life

Litza Vance has some experience with cardiac issues. Her husband has been treated for heart problems and their son, Matthew, was born with a heart condition. When Litza became pregnant again, the Vance's realized preparation and testing was necessary for the well-being of their unborn daughter, as well as for their own peace of mind.

Miracle ending - PICU nurses witness amazing recovery

As an Arizona Cardinals fan, Donna Poole, RN, hoped for a miraculous ending for her team in the 2009 Super Bowl. And while her Cardinals came up short, Poole definitely received a miracle finish through patient Jake O’Kelly.

Born to Run (Again)

Around Christmas 2008, Alyson felt a shooting pain at the bottom of her spine. At first, it stung a little only when "I would sit weird, but then it started to hurt all the time," she said. During track season, Alyson became frustrated. The pain was interfering with her running. As quickly as two minutes of a distance run, Alyson began to hurt.

Rocket Fuel