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Specialty Programs

The Cook Children's Sports Rehab Physical Therapy team provide high-quality, family and patient-centered care to children and teenagers with orthopedic or sports-related injuries.

With extensive education and training in both pediatrics and sports therapy, the Sports Rehab Physical Therapy team at Cook Children's provides excellent care for kids and teens.

Concussion Rehabilitation
Diagnosing and treating head injuries in children and teens requires special skills. All members of Cook Children's Concussion Rehabilitation team are trained in pediatrics and sports therapy.

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Hand Rehabilitation
Our hand therapists utilize a number of therapeutic interventions. If needed, we can also fabricate custom splints and orthotics to help your child or teen reach their highest level of function.

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Pain Rehabilitation
Our physical therapists are clinically trained in pediatric pain management and work with Cook Children's Pain Management team to determine the cause of the injury and ensure the best treatment plan for your child's or teen's condition.

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
In sports injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction refers to having difficulty controlling bladder or bowel function. In children and teens, the problem could be caused by overly weak or tight muscles in the pelvic floor.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation
Children and teens who experience difficulty with balance, coordination or vision may have a vestibular disorder or dysfunction.

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Patients can make an appointment and physicians may refer a patient by calling 817-347-2983.

Please fax the physical therapy referral to 682-885-7590.