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Because childhood should be simple ...

Dietitian services

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are specially trained to understand difficulties that can occur regarding food, nutrition needs, and certain medical conditions that may occur with children. RDs are also trained to assist families with nutrition support as needed. RDs work closely as part of the medical team along with doctors, nurses and other staff helping families and patients find appropriate nutrition answers and support on a daily basis.

Dietitian Services in the Gastroenterology and Nutrition Clinic

Our dietitians are available to:

If you are looking for further information related to gastrointestinal diseases or recipes, please visit Cook Children's Checkup health information.

Your dietitians in the Gastroenterology and Nutrition Clinic

If you need to reach your dietitian, please use the following contact information:

GI-friendly recipes

The recipes below are safe for healthy children and adults and people with certain gastrointestinal conditions or allergies. For specific recommendations on the right amount of energy, protein, and other nutrients for your child, always contact your dietitian or doctor. The recipes below are not meant to replace the medical advice of your doctor or nutritional advice of your dietitian.

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