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Cook Children's Heart Center
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Cook Children's

Patient and
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Cook Children's Heart Center is committed to giving families the resources they need to manage their child's heart condition. There are many educational and support opportunities available, including:

Cook Children's Support Services include Child Life specialists who provide therapeutic, educational and recreational activities, licensed clinical and play therapists, psychologists, as well as social services for Heart Center patients. Translation services are also provided for non-English speaking patients and families.

Educational support is offered by full-time educators who provide disease-specific information to patients and families. The educators also provide group and one-on-one training on how to care for patients prior to discharge.

For your convenience the following links can help you find tools and information to help you navigate your child's disease, patient and family support groups, camps with full medical support for patients, and some that support siblings, and even the whole family. Plus links to nutritional support and educational resources.

Information packetsInformation packets
Do you have questions about a diagnosis or condition? Let us help. Ask a Cook Children's librarian to prepare an information packet just for you.

Information packetsFamily medical planner
Parents of cardiology patients have lots things to keep up with, appointments, treatments, medications, home care and more. Our family medical planner can help you keep track of everything. The planner is FREE and is available online.

Support groupsSupport groups
Mended Little Hearts is a support group for parents of children with congenital heart defects. This parent-led group provides a way for parents to talk one-on-one with each other, sharing their experiences, concerns and questions.

Education linksEducation links
Need to access information related to your child's heart? You've come to the right place. Below are links that have been written specifically for you, the parent and your children.

Education linksProject ADAM
Helping to save young lives. Project ADAM's mission is to educate school systems, nurses, coaches, trainers, parents and others about pediatric sudden cardiac death. Project ADAM helps implement public access defibrillation programs (PAD) across Texas and the nation. Our goal is to increase the awareness of sudden cardiac death and establish emergency programs that help to provide a timely and lifesaving response.


Palliative carePalliative care
The Cook Children's Palliative Care program offers support for children with life-threatening conditions. The program also offers support to their families.

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