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Cardiac critical care unitCook Children's

Cardiac specialty care unit

There are times when a heart condition requires round-the-clock care and treatment. In the Cook Children's cardiac specialty care unit, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that your child has the very best in intensive care and attention.

Cook Children’s cardiac specialty care unit team, led by Co-Medical Directors Jay Duncan, M.D., and Susan Davis, M.D., specializes in intensive care for patients with congenital heart disease and defects before and after surgery. Other patients also cared for in this unit include those with abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure from congenital and acquired cases.

Cook Children's Cardiac critical care
Cook Children's Cardiac specialty care unit is a dedicated, 10-bed unit that averages more than 300 patients each year.

The team includes critical care physicians, cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, neonatologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and nutritionists. At Cook Children’s Heart Center we believe in a team approach for the care of children with heart disease because we realize that each patient presents unique challenges and requires individually tailored therapies across many different medical services and programs.

Patients admitted to Cook Children’s Medical Center benefit from a dedicated cardiac specialty care unit that specializes in the postoperative treatment of cardiology patients. These young patients with the most complex conditions are automatically included in our neuro-developmental follow-up program to optimize growth and development.

Every morning, our cardiac team gathers to participate in rounds on each patient in the cardiac specialty care unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This allows each team member to contribute his and her unique perspective and experience to create a custom plan for each patient. As a parent, you are invited to participate as we discuss your child’s case during these rounds. Additionally, our cardiac critical care physicians provide 24/7 onsite coverage in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit, so one of them is constantly available to evaluate and treat patients or answer any questions.

Cardiac specialty care unit team

Cardiac critical care unit team
Back row, left to right: Susan Davis, M.D., Co-medical Director, Cardiac Specialty Care Unit, Richard Chemelli, M.D. Front row, left to right: Lane Lanier, M.D, Jose Olarte-Motta, M.D., Jay Duncan, M.D., Co-medical Director, Cardiac Specialty Care Unit. Not pictured: Ryan Meyer, M.D.

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