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Safety and technology

Cook Children's all single room NICU offers state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced staff members who provide exceptional care for both babies and families.

Our unit is among a few in the nation that uses an integrated monitoring system. This system links the baby's cardiac monitor to a communication device worn by the nurse and the nurse call system. The nurse can monitor his/her patient from any of the patient rooms and will get an alarm notification directly to their communication device. We also have a central monitoring station at each of the charge nurses' desks.

Cook Children’s is committed to the health and safety of your baby. That is why we  have a team of nurses dedicated to preventing central line infections and championing an infection-free culture. Our central line team takes every precaution to protect infants from infection. Currently Cook Children’s has one of the lowest rated of central line infections for NICUs in the nation. 

Babies are admitted to a specific area of the unit by diagnosis, (cardiac, neurologic, metabolic). In this way, you can be assured that your baby will be cared for by the nurses in each specific unit who have additional training for your baby's particular diagnosis.

Heart rate observation (HeRO) technology

Cook Children's NICU continues to raise the bar for quality patient care. As the first medical center in Texas to begin using "HeRO," a state-of-the-art heart rate observation technology that works with a baby's heart monitor, we led the way in improving care for NICU babies, here at home and across the state. Because it works with existing monitors, there are no extra cords or devices to attach to a baby's tiny body. All babies heart rates have natural fluctuations, but when a baby is beginning to get sick, the heart rate may level out. HeRO continually measures the heart rate variability and assigns it a rating. When an abnormal rating is detected, HeRO gives doctors and nurses advance warning that the baby is at risk for infection. With this information, they can begin early diagnosis and treatment for the illness sooner, preventing longer than necessary hospital stays.

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