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Dietitian services

The Nephrology Clinic at Cook Children's has a dietitian on staff to help you and your child - and for the matter, your family - with nutrition needs. When your child is in the clinic, the nephrologist may ask the dietitian to see your child in order to provide nutrition recommendations that can help manage your child’s condition.

Dietitian Services in the Nephrology and Dialysis Clinic

Our dietitians are available to:

If you are looking for further information related to kidney disease, please visit Cook Children's Checkup health information.

Meet your dietitian in the Nephrology and Dialysis Clinic

To contact your dietitian, please call: 682-885-3617

Kidney-friendly recipes

The recipes below are safe for healthy children and adults and people with kidney disease who may or may not be on dialysis. They are low enough in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus to fit in an overall well-balanced diet. For specific recommendations on the right amount of fluid, protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus for YOUR child, always contact your dietitian or doctor. The recipes below are not meant to replace the medical advice of your doctor.

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