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My child has

Because childhood should be simple ...

Fracture care

Fracture CareOur orthopedic providers are dedicated to the care of children and teenagers with injuries. We understand the unique needs of a growing child because of our specialized pediatric training and over 30 years of combined experience in treating only young people.

Children have unique issues related to their growth plates and our team considers many different treatment options because they heal differently than adults.

Conditions treated

Our specialty care team

Messer, Larry D. M.D.

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Gray, David W. M.D.

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Burke, Ronald G. M.D.

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Vara, Christopher M.D.

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Kennedy, Jason M.D.

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Coppinger, Charles PA-C
Smith, Russell PA-C
Diggs, Kathryn PA-C

The combination of physician assistants and orthopedic surgeons gives us the opportunity to provide care for your injured child when you need it.

Care and treatment

Patient services range from assessments and examinations, such as X-rays, casting, splinting and bracing. Fortunately most fractures in children can be treated by a simple cast placed during an office visit, in some cases surgery is required. Additionally rehabilitation may be needed to strengthen the affected body area.

Requesting an appointment

Please call our main number, 682-885-4405, to make an appointment. Our receptionists can help you schedule an appointment with one of the orthopedic surgeons at any of our three office locations, main campus, Hurst and Southwest Fort Worth.

Preparing for an appointment

All new patients should make every effort to bring copies of their images for previously taken radiographs, MRI or CT scans. The images will be reviewed by the physician and possibly compared to radiographs taken in the office during the visit.

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