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Meet our team

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Meet our team

Our team includes a board certified anesthesiologist trained in pain management, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in psychophysiology, a dedicated physical therapist and pain management nurse coordinator.

Because of our team approach, patients will see their physician, physical therapist and psychophysiologist in one visit.

We understand the importance of working together and that’s how we approach the care of our children. The Cook Children's Pain Management staff coordinates care with physicians in other specialties such as:

Our specialty care team

Artee Gandhi, M.D.

Artee Gandhi M.D.
Medical Director, Pain Management
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Artee Gandhi, M.D.

Meredith Brooks M.D.
Pain Management/Anesthesia
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Barbara Deleon RN Barbara Deleon RN - Nurse Coordinator
Hope Whitfield RN Hope Whitfield RN
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